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SUSAN SPICER Susan’s experience and history includes being the chef of Savoir Faire and the Bistro at Maison deVille as well as chef and co-owner with Regina Keever of Bayona in the French Quarter. She was a founding partner and chef of Herbsaint Restaurant with former Bayona sous chef Donald Link. Susan has made many guest appearances around the world. She has studied other cultures and foods and has brought that knowledge and experience into the kitchen of Mondo. Susan and her family live in the Lakeview neighborhood where Mondo is located and not far from Rosedale, her newest restaurant. She is also excited to announce that Mondo will join other great New Orleans restaurants in the new terminals at Louis Armstrong International Airport, due to open in fall of 2018.
JENNI RAINOSEK LYNCH discovered her passion for fine dining and hospitality 20 years ago while working her way through the ranks at Gautreau’s. After a stint at New York City’s Aquagrill, she returned to New Orleans to manage Bayona. Working closely with co-owners Susan Spicer and Regina Keever, Jenni was able to combine her tough New York City lessons with the gentle, classic service of New Orleans fine dining. In 2010, when Susan launched Mondo, she knew she needed Jenni to lead the front-of-house team and oversee the day-to-day operations of this neighborhood restaurant with friendly professional service.
CHEF CANDIS KOERNER came to us from deep in the heart of Texas. She was born in New Orleans, but was raised in Dallas and got fired up about cooking at Hannah’s Off the Square in Denton, TX. Moving back to the Crescent City, became part of the opening team for the Bywater’s farm-to-table trailblazer, Maurepas Foods. After a year there, she met Chef Susan Spicer who enticed her to lend her talents to Mondo. In her 4 years at Mondo, Candis has moved up the ranks from Sous Chef to Chef de Cuisine. She brings an understanding of and appreciation for a variety of cuisines, including Latin/Southwest, Indian, Middle-Eastern and creative vegetarian, all of which found their way onto the Mondo menu.

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